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May 23rd 2011 6:33 am

Who Is Going to Buy a New Chromebook

With Google's recent announcement of the reboot to Chrome OS, I was wondering who else apart from me is going to purchase one of the new Chromebooks, either from Samsung or Acer?
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When I got the Cr-48 a few months back I was really expecting for Google to compete on price with these machines. I wasn't expecting the chromebooks to cost more than $300. But, because they cost anywhere from $400 to $500 that's way out of my budget (especially when you're just selling a glorified web browser).

So, in short, I won't be buying a chromebook. I'll just stick with my Cr-48 and be happy with it.
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I agree. I will be sticking to my cr-48. I hope Google keeps updating it, or I can hack new builds onto it at least. $400 is way too much for this level of functionality.
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Not me.
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sell it for <$150 and it becomes really compelling.
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I'm going to wait to see what kind of software support it has before I jump in...
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i hope indonesia little cheaper between $200 - $500
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First, I really liked the idea of Chrome OS and I was thinking about getting the Chromebook. But there is one important point that disappointed and discouraged me from getting the machine. And it is Chrome Web Store.

Being the fundamental applications delivery platform Chrome Web Store suffers from such problems as poor quality applications and inconsistent experience. It's not easy to avoid the first issue in the medium of open Web and in applications stores in general, so let's pass it by (some stricter supervision measures may apply here). The problem of inconsistent experience seems more vital and disturbing to me. For example, different games from the Chrome Web Store take you to some ugly sites where 40 per cent of screen estate is fulfilled with banners and ads and you play your game in a very small area. Other games and apps don't do that (e.g., Angry Birds). Another examples of inconsistency are apps that aren't really apps, but rather the websites. And I don't even mean YouTube or Facebook that may be classified as applications (considering the functional they grant), rather the absolutely simple sites. Is this an app: https:­/­/­/webstore­/detail­/phfcibfj...? I don't think so.

So, I guess, I shall not buy the Chromebook. :)
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I agree with the price of the first Chromebooks being a bit too step for me to jump on board, however I wish that they would allow me to turn my HP Mini 311 into a Chromebook. If they let users put Chrome OS on their own machines or the y lowered the prices on their offered hardware I wouldn't hesitate. But for now maybe I will just try out the Chromium OS builds.
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I'm considering it but I like the student option. I'll be going back to college in the fall and if the rumors are true about 20 bucks a month for both the laptop and web access count me in.
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