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March 12th 2012 3:02 pm

Why do 3G and 4G plans have such small data caps compared to home internet plans?

Is it something inherent to the technology behind it or the networks unwillingness to build better infrastructure?
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Wireless technology is only so reliable, and it is affected by factors like how many users are accessing it at the same time.

In home internet, there is a cable box somewhere on your block that generally serves around 50 houses lets say. In the case of wireless, there could be thousands of people connected to a specific cell tower at any given point. More if it is the superbowl, or something huge is happening. Bandwidth to serve all these users is not cheap and thus Telecoms must pay big bucks for spectrum at auctions. This cost is passed on to you.

The only reliable way to allow for proper quality of service to all users is to eliminate abusers. Hence the caps. This allows in theory for better distribution of data and voice packets among all the users connected.
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