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August 4th 2011 8:54 pm

Why does my MacBook Pro (running Lion) not shut down?

Every time I try to restart or just shut down my computer, it seems to get stuck at the gray screen where the little loading icon spins around (­/kj7ggetj). I usually leave it alone to do it's thing, but after 10 minutes or so I just do a hard reset.

Anyone else having this problem? What did you do to fix it?

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Try resetting your mac's PRAM:­/kb­/HT1379
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It could be that an app or service is not quitting properly when the shutdown sequence begins, which can cause the system to wait indefinitely for the non-quitting app. Perhaps you have a system service installed that is not fully Lion compatible? Check your Preference Panes to see what you have installed that might be running as a service. You could try removing things one by one and restarting to narrow it down.
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Did you do an upgrade to Lion or clean install? I had this issue every other re-boot after upgrading to Lion. Did a clean install and the issue went away.

But GC is probably right, some pre-Lion app is most likely hanging on shutdown & causing the issue. Was planning a clean install anyway and didn't want to track down what was causing the hang so a clean install was quicker solution for me.
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Just hold the power button for 10 second and it will just shutdown.
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I am also experiencing the same problem
my mac is only 8 months old and its perfect this is only thing wrong with it
It never shuts down unless i press the shut down button,
it stays on the gray screen with the rotating thing for ever
I tried leaving it over night, no luck :(
what should i do?
this looks like an old post so maybe u got lucky and found out an answer?
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