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Why is Comcast cable internet so damn expensive?

Awhile ago, we were getting both internet and cable television through Comcast for something like $120 / month. We decided to move to DISH Network for a number of reasons (one of which was a ridiculously great deal) but keep Comcast for internet since it was fast and worked mostly well.

Anyway, the cost of our internet service through Comcast is now about $75 / month. We had a brief 6 month deal where it went down to $40 / month. Now it's back to $75. Why the heck is it so flipping expensive? I think we're paying for 3 mb down and 1 mb up.

For those in the Bay Area, are there other cheaper and reliable options? Fiber through AT&T and Verizon are no goes for me, since we live in an old apartment building and that'd require retrofitting the entire building.
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For 3/1 at $75, you are getting robbed. I pay $99 for 50/10 in Texas for Comcast
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I pay $110/mo for just internet, but it's 50 down, 10 up (and I do regularly see those speeds, sometimes even better).

If you're within their coverage area, web-pass is an EXCELLENT choice for internet in San Francisco. web­
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I'm paying $120/mo for Comcast TV and Internet right now. Think each package is about $60. Internet I'm getting 15mb down and 3 up. Have either yet to really find anything cheaper in my area.
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That seems incredibly high. Last year in Denver I was paying Comcast $45/month (regular price, not an introductory deal) for 10mb down. They must really have you guys over a barrel out there.
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I live in Hayward and I pay $70 for 20/4...

The speed that you're posting sounds like it's DSL and not broadband cable. Comcast sells both, you're definitely not getting your money's worth. If you can live with 3/1 I would switch to DSL from ATT or something else and pay half the price.

Otherwise give Comcast a call and complain, it might be a technical problem on their end.

Unfortunately Comcast is the ONLY highspeed (DSL doesn't count) internet carrier in my area. I had ATT Fiber when I was in Fresno and it was spendid (Unfortunately there is a download cap now).

I guess to answer your original quesiton, internet is so high because there is no competition. ATT buying TMobile is a Great! (sarcasm) idea... if you work for ATT.
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Comcast internet should be 52.95/month for their 15/2 plan if you didn't keep basic cable. If you're paying $120 something is definitely not right in the system. I did a product search for SF area and you're definitely over paying by a lot.

Also when you run the speeds tests make sure you're doing it wired. I'm sure you are but I notice ~5Mbps difference between wired and wireless speedtest.
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I really have no ideea why internet and cable is so expensive.
i decided to do a experiment and look at other provider offers in diferite countries

You may think that living in the UK or USA, being extremely technologically situated countries that we would have some of the fastest internet connections in the world. Well I hate to break it to you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and some of the countries with the fastest speeds and cheap prices in the world may startle you…

17.95$ for 1000mbps
or 14.91$ with tv package and phone included at no extra charge with equip included.
these are the final prices with tax.
here is the direct link

Romanian VAT tax is curentlly at 25 % :))

Why Do Some Small Countries Have Faster Internet Connections Than Us?­/why­-do­-some­-small­-countries­-have­-...

comcast is a greedy and lazy son of a gun !

have a look at internet speeds and costs-around the world


this has to change #Comcast ! we are paying 120 bucks for 80 channels and 50 mb ? :))))))
bi*tch pls!
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