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March 30th 2012 11:45 am

Why Should I Keep My Kindle Fire?

I bought a Kindle Fire back in December, and fell in love. I loved reading and the web capabilities. But the flame has slowly been burning out, and I have been considering selling the tablet on eBay. I really don't want to have that happen. Aside from the casual web browsing, reading and Netflix, I am bored. I need some ideas of how to spice up this tablet-user relationship again.
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I also was getting bored and decided to try a custom ROM. Replacing the Amazon ROM you get the benefit of Ice Cream Sandwich and the full Android Market to play with.

This is not for the faint of heart since you can potentially brick your device and requires some technical skills to switch over. Also the custom ROM's are mostly beta level and are prone to bugs and instability.

If you are interested This is the ROM I am currently using:­/kindlefire­/­?page­_id­=86

I would recommend you take some precautions and install a root utility that allows you to make a backup of your current configuration in case something goes wrong:­/kindlefire­/­?p­=61

You also will need to gain root access first to start your hacking journey:­/kindlefire­/­?page­_id­=71
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If you constantly like to tinker with the OS then try a custom ROM. It will certainly keep you busy for awhile. Otherwise, sell it and consider a refurbished iPad 2 if you want something that just works.
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