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Wii can't read discs anymore

My Wii starts fine until I try to put a disc in. It tells me that it cannot read the disc, take the disc out, turn the Wii off, and consult the manual. Nothing in the manual is helpful. Anyone know what to do to fix this?
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I have the exact same issues. Its the DVD drive. You can call into Nintendo and have them do some troubleshooting and in that doesn't resolve it you can RMA it. It is gonna cost me about 75.00 to get the drive replaced through them. They will email you a shipping slip you can then box up the unit (after saving all your game saves) and ship it back to them. It is a bit of a hassle especially around Christmas time and not being able to play. It will be nice to no be able to hear it 2 rooms away though. All my previous Nintendo equipment has been rock solid so I am a bit disappointed.
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check your lens with Wii Lens Cleaning Kit and see if that solves your problem or not. If this doesn’t help you then you should call the service center or you can file your report at webform . For more information :­/nintendo­-wii­/659.htm
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do a soft-hack on it and install NeoGamma which allows you to run games from an external USB hard drive. Since I have done this to my Wii the only disc I have used is Wii Fit Plus.

The only downside to hacking your Wii is that it could turn into a big paper weight though by the sounds of it that is what your basically is now accept the ability to play Wii Ware games.

Details can be found at
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Your disk drive might me dirty. Try getting a cleaner. (look on
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