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March 11th 2012 7:43 pm

Will I waste my time to look for apps other than games for the PS Vita?

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Depends how valuable your time is, but you can see them in under 30 seconds here:­/psvita­/apps/
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If you want to try out the Music Unlimited app it's pretty cool that you can download whole albums and still have Pandora like streaming stations. If it was the same price as Pandora I would definitely buy it.

The Facebook app kinda sucks compared to smartphone Facebook apps, but it's still there if you want to post a status, phone broken, something like that. I'm not into twitter or flickr or foursquare so I can't weigh in on those. The Netflix app works as it should and the 5 inch screen is plenty big for my viewing in bed.

Sony def needs more apps for this amazingly versatile device and they are releasing SDK to get third party apps.­/2012­/04­/19­/playstation­-suites­-ope...
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