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February 13th 2012 9:54 am

Will it play downloadable psp and ps1 games?

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The Vita will be able to play downloadable PSP titles as well as minis. However: Currently not every downloadable PSP/minis will be playable on the Vita. For a list of games you can play on the Vita from launch, check here:­/2012­/02­/09­/how­-to­-download...
If you don't see a downloadable game you own on there, be aware that Sony is looking to get more PSP games available to play on the Vita in the coming weeks.

As for PS1 classics, I couldn't really find any official confirmation, but from what I hear: It's coming soon. There was no downloadable PS1 support from the Japanese Vita launch, and it doesn't look like there's going to be any support for it when it comes to the Vita launch everywhere else this month.
It seems obvious that the system is capable to play PS1 titles, so hopefully the ability to do so will come real soon.

Hope that helps!
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As of Feb. 15, 2012, I do not see any PS1 games on the Vita Store. I bought some on my old PSP and they also aren't available to download on my Vita.
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