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Will the Kindle Fire play iTunes purchased content?

I am heavily vested into the iTunes arena. I have made a few purchases over the years on iTunes with music and I get the free digital copies of movies with the Blu-Rays that I purchase. I wonder if these files will be able to be put into the Amazon Cloud and be able to played on the Fire since they are DRMd with iTunes. Just wondering if the price is too good to be true once I add in the price of the services Amazon offers.
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If it's iTunes DRM (e.g., Fairplay), the only device you can play that music on is an Apple device.

However, you can upgrade most iTunes DRM music to their DRM-free AAC format (however, this costs something like $0.30 per song) and the Kindle Fire will be able to play them -- it supports non-DRM AAC files. See specs here:­/Kindle­-Color­-Multi­-touch­-Display­-Wi...
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you should remove the itunes DRM first and then transfer your content to your kindle fire
you can get more information on­/transfer­-itunes­-protected­-music­-vid...
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I recommend you a nice article to help you read your kindle books on iTunes, or read iBooks on kindle.

read kindle books on iPad/iPhone:­/how­-to­-read­-kindle­-books­-on­-ipad­-...

read iBooks on Mac or other computers:­/how­-to­-read­-ibooks­-on­-mac.html

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When we mention iTunes content, there are two forms: DRM protected files an DRM-free files (Note all iTunes bought video files have DRM protection).

It is easy to transfer unprotected iTunes videos to Kindle Fire, as the Kindle Fire plays H.264 and MPEG-4 video compatible with iTunes.

Apple uses DRM (Digital Right Managemet) to protect their copy-right. DRM allows you to transfer a purchased iTunes movie to five computers (Windows or Mac), sync with Apple portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and iPod, and burn to DVD for data archiving while preventing you from playing purchased iTunes movies on any other portable devices. DRM can not stop users putting iTunes movie to an Android tablet like Fire, but it stops an Android tablet playing iTunes movies- that’s why you get gray screen when trying to play an iTunes movie on Android tab.

To have the full access and control of your purchased iTunes videos, movies, and TV shows, you need professional DRM removal tool that convert iTunes DRM-protected contents to DRM-free videos. More info at:


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I'm sure if you google ways to remove the DRM you will find something. i have a small library that i purchsed from iTunes so i jsut upgraded mine. you are supposed to also get a better audio quality also.

but most of my music is purchased throuhg Amazon now so i am looking forward to see how it plays on the fire.
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If anything, you could always burn your DRM'd music to CD and then rip it back. It's the old fashioned way of going about it and you might lose the slightest bit of fidelity along the way but it works.
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I'm afraid to play iTunes purchased videos on Kindle Fire, the only way is to remove the DRM. Google it you may find solutions. Some people said this might violate the law or something. Anyway, I just keep the stuff for my personal use.
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As far as Blu-Ray and DVD movies are concerned, you can pretty much rip and convert anything at this point. My only experience is with the SlySoft AnyDVD product, which works fine and is updated regularly to support new protection schemes, keys, etc. Never had an issue with a DVD or Blu-Ray as long as I keep it up to date. That said, all it does is remove the DRM, so you'll still likely have to convert the video into a form that will fit/can be played on your tablet. For that task there are LOTS of programs available, both free and paid.
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it is said Now Kindle fire HD do, I do not know whether it is ture, if not, you can refer: www.tablet­, it can proivdes some tips
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I ever converted several iTunes protected video clips to my Surface table following this tutorial
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You can follow this guie to easily get iTunes movies onto Kindle Fire for playing without restriction.­/play­-itunes­-movies­-kindle­-...
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The iTunes content cannot be transferred to Amazon Kindle Fire to play due to DRM. You may find a DRM remover to help you from­/best­-drm­-removal­-software­-... first.
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I used TuneChef M4V Converter to get iTunes movies and tv show on kindle fire, it's very easy!
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