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October 21st 2009 5:05 am

Will these work with HDMI?

I'm thinking about getting a set of surround sound headphones, primarily for TV viewing. I have a 360 as well, though, and these have a good reputation so I figure I might as well get the XBOX functionality too.

Does anyone know how these will work with HDMI? I have all my sources (360, UVerse box, DVD player) going into a receiver via HDMI, and then one HDMI out to my TV. I gather that these take in an optical audio signal from the 360 which they can then pass through to a receiver. Can I skip the pass-through and just continue to use the HDMI to get audio to my receiver?

Also, short of an optical SPDIF switch box of some kind, can these take in surround signals from multiple sources? (ie: my 360 and receiver)

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In order for these to work with HDMI, you need to buy a special HDMI Audio cable from Microsoft. Turtle Beach has more information here:­/support­/index.php­?View­=entry­&a...

"This Xbox 360 HDMI Cable package is available as an extra-cost option from Microsoft:­/en­-US­/hardware­/x­/xbox360hdmiavcable/

Here's a more in-depth explanation of the Xbox 360 HDMI Cable and how it works:­/kb­/937899­?sd­=xbox

The standard Xbox models do not come equipped with this cable set. The HD cable
they have obscures the HDMI connector, so that the two sockets cannot be used
at the same time. If you only have this stock HD connector (component video,
composite video, stereo analog audio and optical digital audio connectors),
then you will not be able to use the HDMI connector at the same time.

In order to use both sockets at the same time (HDMI and A/V) you will need to
purchase the Xbox 360 HDMI Cable package described above. "
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I'm sure it has been mentioned elsewhere on this site, but it isn't necessary to purchase the Xbox HDMI audio cable from Microsoft. You can save your self $50 by just removing the plastic shell on the included AV cable. Here is a guy doing a video on it:­/watch­?v­=FptCB­_3DOz4. I did this and my X41's work great.

I also would like to point out something that I wasn't aware of until I experienced it. If you have the Xbox 360 connected via HDMI to a device, and then change that device's input to something else, the Xbox will reset. I have my 24" monitor and have the Xbox connected via HDMI and the PC via DVI. I wanted to switch between the 2 to multi task between COD sessions, but it isn't possible. Just a tip.
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Im having a bit of an issue getting the x41 headphones to work 100%.... here is my setup..

Denon AVR-790. Xbox360 using HDMI audio/Video(preheadphones), Dell 1080p projector.

....Everything worked fantastic until i started to hook up the x41 headset. Still using the hdmi for video.. then using the Xbox360 component cable with optical. Once i do that the video wont show up and will keep rebooting the xb360. You heard the sound but that's it.. Sometimes it works fine... but then the video is degraded.

Tried a ton of different combos. changed setting on the receiver.. I think the only two fixes... could be HDMI booster(possible not enough power to push the 50ft run. So the hdmi handshack problem is going into affect. Or i need to buy just a RCA Audio Cable Adapter for Microsoft xBox 360.... Because the pin set up on the current cable has video and its confusing my receiver...

Any Suggestions.. I have lost alot of hours trying to figure it out...
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