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With the new 1Ghz processor and the same resolution screen, shouldn't the Palm Pre 2 be able to put out some significantly better graphics than the…

original? Would any improvement be hindered by the fact that the screen is (considered by smartphone standards) low a resolution? I don't know if the PP2 is using the same graphics chip or if it is more powerful as well. I heard on a Palm podcast that the PP2's RAM is also clocked slightly higher than the Pre Plus.

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it's probably comparable to the 3rd vs 4th gen iPhone. One difference being that the 3GS was a fast enough device whereas the pre plus is honestly unusable without overclocking, so I wouldn't expect anything to be released that can't run on the pre plus, maybe they'll have something impressive running on the 9th.
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The screen resolution isn't as bad as people think. It's the same resolution as the Droid Pro and has a much better keyboard. If you want a phone with a smaller screen it's going to have a lower resolution. Like @spaces said, wait til Feb 9th. Everyone else is.
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