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Would it affect performance if I used 1.2v rechargeable batteries?

(specifically Sanyo Eneloop batteries)
Would there be anything I'd need be worried about if I do?
I just got this and am still on the original in box alkaline batteries!!
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I'm using eneloops in mine without any issues.
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Not sure about rechargeable effects on the device. I doubt there would be any negative effects. I just recently got this mouse too, and the batteries just died on me while I was doing an all day meeting today. (Boy, was I happy to have the cord to plug it in and continue to use it!) I think this set of batteries lasted a whole 4 weeks max. I am thinking about using rechargeables too after today! Good luck!
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I'm quite sure that the ability of the battery to recharge by a power pack will not affect the mouse itself. The only way you will feel lag or diminished quality in tracking would be when you are using wireless or that the laser in the mouse is defective/dead.

I've bought the mouse as well recently and have had some problems with it. Could you take a look and see if you have this problem as well with your mouse?­/question­/anyone­-else­-have­-trouble­-pulling...
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