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September 2nd 2011 5:51 pm

would you get a 7-inch Amazon Kindle tablet for $250?

If the rumors are true, amazon would release a a 7-inch tablet with a capacitive touch screen by November. It would be running android and the users could be able to use the Amazon App Store on it to load their devices with the tons of content they have to offer (Apps, Music, Video, Books)...

Now, another rumor says the device could cost $250 to compete directly to B&N Nook Color and the other tablets around. Indeed a very competitive price, but the real question the guys at Amazon are asking before they put an economic risk in it and me, just being curious, is: "Would you get one?"
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Yes, for school work and using it for reading and researching the web. The size is perfect for teens and pre-teens because the iPad is just too big and bulky. Besides, it costs too much.

The ability to load ebook and just view pdf files adds to the value and it can probably also play popular Android games. Great.
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Personally, no. Actually, I'm not looking to get any tablet devices anytime soon. I'm happy with my laptop and phone for now. I completely understand the appeal of tablets though, they're portable, great for web browsing and movie watching on the couch, and they're *usually* pretty affordable. I'm just not that interested in getting one for myself when there are other things I want much more that the money could go towards.

That being said, $250 sounds almost too good to be true to me. Although, I'm sure it's possible, and if it turns out to be in fact that price, that's insane(ly good!). Kindle's are already extremely popular, and having a full fledged tablet device that does things the same way as the other more expensive devices for a significantly lower price would probably sell like hotcakes. So, I won't be buying one, but I'm 100% certain that it will appeal to lots of other people. (Especially those who want a tablet but don't fell like dropping $500+ for an iPad).
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I think I might, though I have to see it first of course. If I can read on it, hit my amazon stored audio and video, plus a handful of the apps i want (trip it, angry birds, and the like) then I'm fairly interested. This would replace my iPad gen 1 (which my wife wants) and supplement my i7 macbook air.
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I'm definitely returning my Asus EEE Transformer Pad so I can buy the new Kindle when it comes out in November.
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If it comes with a year of prime I may get one for my parents and keep the prime for myself. Seems like Amazon is coming from all directions which may be smart, but could also bite them in the end because they are in too many "fair fights".
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No thanks. Its a cheap price but why would I ever buy an underpowered miniature computer from a bookseller? Apple's iPad 3 will be out in a matter of months and Amazon is just getting in the game. Yes Amazon will be including "freebies" with their pad but then again there is a free toy in a box of Cracker Jack.
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Yes. 7" is the perfect size for me, not 10".
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