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August 12th 2011 1:36 pm

Xbox 360 HDMI & AUX Output

Basically I used to have a Samsung Monitor that had a build it HDMI port and built in speakers, which plugged my xbox 360 into via HDMI.

This monitor has now broken, I am considering buying a Samsung 27" LED jobby ( which doesn't have any built in speakers.

My speakers that I use for my computer I would like to use for my xbox audio should I buy this monitor, but I can seem to find any way of putting xbox video via HDMI & sound via a 3.5mm aux cable.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I send all my audio and video fro my FiOS box, xBox and PS3 out to my surround sound amp then hdmi from the amplifier to my TV so audio is processed first by the Home theater in a box then video is presented great for playing rockband w/o knowing what else you have in the mix its hard to help you can you elaborate on what you have in your setup?
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You'll need to use HDMI for video and the AV wire that came with your Xbox for audio. The AV cable connector has a plastic casing on it that blocks the HDMI port when plugged in, so you'll need to break that plastic casing off in order to have both the AV and HDMI wires plugged in to the Xbox at the same time.

I have an Xbox hooked up to a DVI monitor and Bose computer speakers this way.
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