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February 19th 2012 12:39 am

XBOX 360 or Upgrade for PC

Following the rumours of the next generation called Xbox 720, i am now confused. I was planning to buy Xbox, but now I am thinking of an upgrade for PC would be better. I cant wait for E3 2012 to announce the Xbox news officially because it will be aired in July. What should I do?

My current desktop specs:
Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 Ghz 3.19 Ghz
4 Gb RAM DDR3 2.99 Usable
32 bit OS Windows 7
Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT

With these specs, i dont play games at extreme graphics, but with some decent display settings.
So the question.. Xbox 360 or PC Upgrade
also price matters
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According to rumours, the next Xbox will be released around the end of 2013. That's a long time. Xbox games are fairly easier to set up and play than the PC. You don't need to worry about configurations, installations etc. If it works with the 360, it'll work on your 360. Plain and simple. I'd suggest to get a 360 and Kinect and enjoy the vast variety of games, TV, social experiences through Xbox LIVE and the awesomeness of Kinect. Plus, Xbox LIVE is built-in to Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8. So, you'll have a strong ecosystem of things that work together. Don't think too much, get it! ;)
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AkAMOtS's pick

That is a tricky question to answer. The Xbox 360 will not be dead in july. Even if there is a concept next generation xbox, the release timeframe will not be immediate.

That being said, do you really feel the need for upgrading your pc? It is already decently capable, and for $200 you are not going to make much of an improvement.

I say go for an xbox and enjoy the vast game library.
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Considering that many games are ported to the PC from the Xbox (and vice versa) I would recommend that you just update your PC. There's even an Xbox 360 controller for the PC.
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AkAMOtS's pick

For around $200 you can grab yourself, if you're interested in the PC upgrade, a nice nVidia 560 which would set you up nicely. However you may just wish to get the 360, it's cheaper and will still be the prime console for games for most of the coming year if not longer.

If you look around there are usually bundles for the 360 (not sure in your area) almost all the time, especially during events or holidays where you can grab up some of the more popular games for free with a 360 purchase.

As you may already know, getting yourself 64bit Win7 will allow you to use the 2GBs of ram you're allowing to just sit there currently.
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AkAMOtS's pick

I have an Xbox and my opinion is get the box. The Xbox was the best buy of my life. it had tons and tons of cool and easy to use features and it turned out that pretty much ALL of my friends had it too. To this day I'm still having heaps of fun with it, its a sexy toy at an incredible price....I hope u found this helpful!
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