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Most massively multiplayer online games take place in epic fantasy worlds or the distant future, but one of the latest sensations takes place on a much, much smaller scale. pits thousands of players against each other in a web-based petri dish, where each gamer represents a cell. Your only...

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June 1, 2015 at 4:04AM
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Is it time for those fall clothes to come out? In some areas, yes! For the rest of us still dealing with heat, we can always escape to comforting air conditioning and chilly, picturesque climes such as the one in the Guild Wars image we have for today's One Shots. This picture of a lovely, frosted ...

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A team of MIT researchers has identified microbes that -- with a little genetic engineering -- could highlight stress points in aircraft wings. The microbes produce certain proteins that bond to metal alloys that form at the stress points: the modified microbes will then emit light when the metal is...

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