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Azentek apparently managed to get a few of its SmartMirror rearview mirror replacements out the door back in August, but that brief spat of availability promptly gave way to back orders and waiting lists, and no doubt a few disappointed customers. According to the company, however, it's now not on...

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October 8, 2008 at 7:27PM
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If you thought the MyGIG or even Bose's Media System was high-class, Azentek is out to change your perception. Recently, the firm inked a deal with DiMora Motorcar "to provide high-performance computers for the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan." The ride, if you weren't aware, will be a hand-crafted...

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While the UMPC in general hasn't had the appeal manufacturers surely hoped for, they're still hanging in there, and apparently Azentek sees an opening in the less-than-attractive market. Diverting from its traditional "carputer" (i.e. in-car PC) offerings, the firm has announced a forthcoming UMPC ...

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