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Microsoft has explored software streaming before, but it looks like the company is about to give it a second shot. The company is hiring people to work on \"Arcadia,\" a technology that ZDNet understands will let you stream \"certain apps\" and games on Microsoft's platforms. It's not clear just wha

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December 16, 2014 at 4:44PM
Post Thumbnail is getting a whole lot greener thanks to its new section dedicated to climate information. The new channel is the product of President Obama's Climate Data Initiative (PDF), and pulls information that can help predict the effects of climate change and prevent any damage that may result. T

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Steve Ballmer himself first dropped word of this one earlier this month, but Microsoft has now finally gotten official about its new cloud computing operating system, and its name: Windows Azure. What's more, the OS is apparently just one component of Microsoft's larger Azure cloud computing platfor

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