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For a biped robot to be able to do its job, it needs to be stable -- it can't topple at the gentlest touch or gust of wind. That's why Oregon State University's Dynamic Robotics Laboratory designed its prototype robot called ATRIAS to be extra stable, as you'll see in the videos below the fold. It...

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March 15, 2015 at 12:21AM
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While some DIY bots understandably creep us out, there's just as many that bring a smile to our face, and this so-called BiPed robot V-3 from Alex V of Instructables definitely falls into the latter camp. Further adding to our appreciation is the fact that this one is built almost entirely from sc...

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It's taken a little while, but it seems that the first robot based on Microsoft's Robotics Studio package is now available for sale, although it's far from a consumer bot. Running a hefty $5,345, the so-called "e-nuvo WALK" robot from Japan's ZMP (makers of the e-nuvo WHEEL, as well) measures 14 in...

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