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Seeing a hematologist is a luxury that few people can afford in the poorest parts of Africa. That's why a team at UC Berkeley has adapted its iPhone microscope project to identify blood parasites in under three minutes. CellScope Loa is, essentially, a 3D-printed box that a smartphone can sit on t...

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May 7, 2015 at 8:33AM
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CellScope is a UC Berkeley project designed to enable microscopic image captures from a cell phone's camera. At first it might sound like a pointlessly geeky project to do microscopy on a cell phone, but in fact it has important applications for mobile health services in remote areas. In some area...

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Go tech students! This handy idea, brought to you by the minds at University of California, Berkeley, brings up to a 60x microscope to your cell for roughly $75. The 60x attachment is useful for diagnosing things like Malaria while in the field, while its weaker 5x sibling can be used to look at ski...

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