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When Google unveiled its WebM open source media format and declared it to be the one codec to rule all others, there were those who decried its usefulness and felt that H.264 should inherit the earth. WebM's power converted some of those staunch detractors, and to rally more to the VP8 / Vorbis cau...

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April 26, 2011 at 5:41AM
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Intel's been making noise about AMD's Globalfoundries manufacturing spinoff potentially violating the two companies' patent cross-licensing agreement for a while now, and it looks like things are escalating: AMD's latest SEC filing says that Intel's formally threatened to terminate the license if AM...

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Details are pretty scant at the moment, but Eastman Kodak Company has entered into a mysterious patent license agreement with Nokia. All we're told is that the deal will enable each outfit "access to the other's intellectual property portfolio," and it'll also provide "significant benefits to both...

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