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The device that started as a $10 laptop, graduated to a $35 tablet and settled on a $60 reality is about to get its first successor: the Aakash 2. Like its predecessor, the new Aakash is twist on a DataWind Ubislate, namely the Ubislate 7+. According to TechSnapr, $40 (or 2,000 Rupees) buys a 7-inc...

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March 16, 2012 at 4:33AM
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Kapil Sibal's not resting after the explosion of interest that followed the initial launch of the $60 Aakash education tablet. He's now pushing to get the rebadged DataWind Ubislate 7 into the hands of students free of charge, rather than the $35 they currently pay. The plan is to offer a 50 percen...

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