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Yota was slightly cruel to YotaPhone fans. It unveiled the next generation of its dual-display smartphone way back in February... and left people wondering about the launch window for most of the year. At last, though, you can try this two-screened device for yourself. The YotaPhone 2 is now slate...

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December 2, 2014 at 10:57PM
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Remember IBM's ThinkPad 701 with the butterfly keyboard? This isn't it, it's better... conceptually anyway. Instead of two halves of a keyboard magically jigsawing themselves together, Kohjinsha achieves a similar result with its DZ-series using a pair of 10.1-inch TFT displays with 1,024 x 600 pix...

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What's more exciting than seeing Cupcake on a Nokia Internet Tablet? Seeing your Internet Tablet double as a secondary display, naturally! If you're too cash-strapped to go out and get one of those newfangled USB displays to run your widgets / chat windows / etc. in, and you're scrambling for reaso...

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