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Let's talk about IP-based MMOs. There are a few currently available. There are a couple that are no longer available. There are probably some that I'm forgetting. The point I'm getting to, though, is that there are some fairly well-known IPs that haven't crossed over to the land of kill-10-rats, fa...

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October 16, 2013 at 7:00PM
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This is the end, my only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans, the end. Of everything that MOOs, the end. No safety or aggro radius, the end. Man, listening to The Doors early in the morning does not put you in a happy state of writing, let me tell you! In any case, we've extended our MU...

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Watch your head, you don't want it hit by return fire in the ever-present MMO blogosphere discussion of fantasy vs sci-fi. The most recent discussion started up with Massively's own Michael Zenke and his "Five Reasons Sci-Fi Pwns Fantasy" which prompted the return fire in question from Grimwell. Bot...

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