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It's easy to get a dog's-eye view of the world by strapping an action camera to your canine, but making it stable and comfortable is another matter -- you don't want Rover shaking off that costly video gear. That's where GoPro's new Fetch mount should come in handy. The padded harness lets your do...

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August 25, 2014 at 7:19PM
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Remember HTC's Mini+ companion device that connects to your smartphone and lets you take calls without exposing your treasured handset? We got the chance to spend a few minutes playing with the gear and thought you might like to see how we feel. At the same time, the company whipped out the Fetch ...

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Just when you think you've escaped the darkened woods of firmware 2.0.2 and previous ilk, along comes 2.1, wrapped in faster-loading-contacts-finery to convince you all is well in the iPhone world. That isn't entirely the case, it seems, if you're user of POP or IMAP mail accounts which are set to...

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