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Look out, MadCatz -- Razer's ready to add an Xbox 360 arcade stick to its peripheral lineup. The $200 Atrox should please serious button mashers, thanks to Sanwa-sourced controls and completely customizable parts. A total of 10 buttons sit alongside the joystick, and you'll find storage compartmen...

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May 17, 2013 at 1:05AM
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SNK's famous King of Fighters series has finally come to iOS with this new app for the iPhone, allowing you to play with 13 different fighters across four singleplayer modes and Bluetooth multiplayer. The setup is very similar to Capcom's Street Fighter, with virtual buttons on the touchscreen,...

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Wildcat, creators of Mortal Kombat Zero, sat down to talk with a GP32 fansite about their upcoming 2D fighter Chosun Musa. While we don't usually report on games that are coming to PC (it was canned for GP32), the interview did mention PSP, and thus piqued my interest. When asked if there was a pos...

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