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Square's grand plan to democratize credit card payments has inspired a clutch of imitators, the latest of which is Amazon. The company has just announced Amazon Local Register, a credit card reader and app combination that'll enable small businesses to take payments they wouldn't otherwise get, as...

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August 13, 2014 at 3:52AM
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In a bid to catch mobile payment rival Square napping, Intuit GoPayment is leaping across the pond to begin an assault on the UK. It's certainly putting the effort in, having had to rework its hardware to be compatible with Chip-and-Pin and being forced, for legal reasons, to drop the "Go" and "me...

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Better watch your back, Jack. Smartphone-payment player Intuit has formed an unholy alliance with AT&T to produce Intuit GoPayment for AT&T (these guys love the sound of their own names) in the hope of muscling in on Square's burgeoning smartphone mobile payments game. Time and money-po...

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