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Sure, 3D printers can make guns, but it can also be used for good: for instance, its capability to create whatever you want gives it a bright future in humanitarian efforts around the globe. Oxfam (an organization that seeks to eradicate poverty) agrees, that's why it has partnered with online 3D ...

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May 8, 2014 at 11:27PM
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Two Swiss humanitarian organizations recently examined 20 shooting-centric video games to determine whether they allowed players to break the wartime guidelines laid out by the Geneva Convention -- rules which prohibit torture, destroying "protected objects" (such as churches or mosques), or, say,...

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Remember Jose Luis, Jr.? You know, the PSP-obsessed boy who inspired a fundraiser to get him his own PlayStation Portable? Mister Jalopy of the Hoopty Rides weblog, the Good Samaritan who met Junior and became inspired by him, had his peepers and a camera handy when he finally turned over the consol...

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