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The generous group over at Good Old Games is prepping to bring another medium into its trademark DRM-free digital distribution platform: movies. Starting today, you can head over to and download or stream a handful of gaming-and-geek focused documentaries. What's on tap? Art of Playing, TP...

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August 27, 2014 at 11:00AM
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The game that helped to take indie development mainstream, while also proving how tortured and twisted the process can be, will not be getting a sequel. As you may have heard over the weekend, Fez's creator, Phil Fish, wrote a typically short and emotional fragment of explanatory text on Polytron'...

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What, you didn't think those games appeared on Xbox Live through some act of magic, did you? No, they're the product of insanely small teams working insanely long hours, at the risk of their well-being, social lives and, in some cases, personal hygiene, in order to bring you a downloadable break f...

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