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We would never enter a foreign land without packing a rented MiFi from XCom Global, but what if you're not a data junkie and only require a sliver of internet access for your device? You're undoubtedly thinking internet café, but instead of wasting time filling out forms each time you're h...

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August 17, 2011 at 5:44PM
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The Chinese government has announced its latest futile attempt to hold back the tidal wave of free digital information that is bound to flood the country sooner or later, placing a ban on the licensing of new internet cafes for 2007 while officials investigate supposed breaches of their restrictiv...

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In an attempt to bring the computing universe we privileged folk know and love so well to those with limited mobility, Goodwill Industries has opened a free internet café in San Antonio, Texas where wheelchairs are more than welcome. The firm, most commonly associated with its numerous thrift...

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