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GamersFirst is in the minds of gamers for its successful relaunch of APB: Reloaded, which went from a lightning-fast shutdown to a successful free-to-play title. The company is also developing new games based on original IPs for future release. But there's some rumbling going on behind the scenes...

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February 16, 2012 at 6:00PM
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We heard some interesting news from GamersFirst CEO Joshua Hong at the beginning of the month, when he announced his plan to run for Governor of California under the "Free2Play" flag. The timing of his announcement combined with his stated intent to bring Free2Play to all Californians led many to th...

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Unfortunate timing made nearly everyone think it was another April Fool's Day prank, but today's news confirms that it's not: "Joshua Hong, CEO and founder of GamersFirst, has declared his intent to participate in the 2010 race for California Governor; replacing Governor Schwarzenegger; who is ineli...

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