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Are you among the Alienware buyers who plunked down cold, hard cash for a new M14X, M17X, or M18X preceding the launch of Ivy Bridge, but can't stomach the thought of being stuck with Intel's second gen CPUs? Good news, gaming friends, because if your laptop was ordered, but hasn't yet shipped, De...

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May 4, 2012 at 7:29AM
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Know what happens when you split the difference between an M18x and an M11x? The M14x, of course! We managed a bit of hands-on time with Alienware's middleman back in April, and now the web at large has had a chance to spit their opinions on it. By and large, critics were overwhelmingly pleased w...

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Now that Alienware's latest gaming notebooks have broken free from their classified captivity, perhaps you'd like to know how their form factors stack up? Well, we just so happen to have gotten our grubby paws on the extraterrestrials, and they're looking mighty fine. We'll warn you though, that th...

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