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As the decade comes to a close, we're seeing a bevy of real and mythical devices bent on saving main stream media through the execution of a variety of proposed content partnerships. Unfortunately, it's still hard to imagine how all this will play out in reality. That's where slickly produced conce...

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December 17, 2009 at 6:59AM
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CNN is reporting that it's happened again in China-- a man has died after a three-day gaming binge in a cyber cafe. So many things wrong with this story. First of all, how does someone sit in an internet cafe for three days without anyone else noticing? I'm sure that it must have been a huge, 24 hou...

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I think MBAzeroth is right, this has to be the most clueless, uninformed piece of junk journalism ever written about World of Warcraft. And I'm including the Australian video. You've gotta read this thing-- I don't think I could make up something so out of touch. And World of Warcraft is the grand...

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