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Originally previewed at BlizzCon 2009, the new collectible n00bz figures are now in the Blizzard online store. These are small, customizable action figures that are available in either a blank version or in a variety of pre-painted models from murlocs to ghouls and even Ragnaros himself. Blizzard h...

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April 13, 2010 at 9:00AM
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With the pending release of Hello Kitty Online, we are all going to need to become proficient in leet speak. This is the language of nerds and basement gamers everywhere (Ed: Because no one in WoW ever talks like this, right?). So in hopes that we'll be able to better understand all those cute lit...

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It is very rewarding to help new players adjust to World of Warcraft. It can also be extremely frustrating. In some cases, I wonder if we may ruin players by giving them too much help, like helping a butterfly from its chrysalis. I remember when I first started playing WoW, I made some serious roo...

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