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Something as simple as a PDF-friendly application can make things so much better for any mobile user -- and who other than the file pioneer to be the provider of such element. While Adobe Reader was already available for folks on Mango, the app is now expanding its horizons and reaching a more rec...

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June 3, 2013 at 11:09PM
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There's two days to go before the Android Market returns to normal, as we enter into day 9 of its sale to celebrate the download of the ten billionth app. Only one, Swiftkey X, has come back for a second helping of the sale. Of the eleven apps being featured today, a healthy eight are games: Slee...

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As I've been exploring the newest Apple TV, people keep asking to see if I can push boundaries in new directions. Apple TV's concept of a wireless video endpoint that connects to a large screen TV has excited a lot of people. Although I haven't yet been able to produce a way to show live game scr...

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