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Although the PlayStation 4 is a fine gaming console, it has a definite Achilles' heel -- the very, very short battery life of the bundled DualShock 4 controller. It's a good thing, then, that Nyko has at last shipped the PowerPak add-on that it promised back in January. Shelling out $20 gives you ...

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July 16, 2014 at 11:36PM
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You young whippersnappers today have it so easy. Hard drives... downloadable content... power buttons right on your the wireless controller! Back in my day you actually had to get up and put a cartridge in the system when you wanted a new game. Of course, that's not so easy for me anymore, what wi...

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Hmm... I guess I should've saved my Frankenstein homage for this beast of a device. Mad Catz's Power Pak "doubles" the battery life of the PSP ... by having it protrude oh-so [sarcasm] inconspicuously [/sarcasm]. Mad Catz: let's not forget that the PSP is a portable device too: I want it to manage ...

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