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Google's Chrome browser for iOS has a lot of features to love, but unfortunately for most of us who use it, we still find that clicking a link in another app only opens that link in Safari. Google is hoping to rectify this issue by providing developers with sample code that checks whether or not ...

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July 13, 2012 at 3:00PM
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Earlier today, Kelly posted about GameStore, a new Apple app that appeared on the App Store right before the New Year and was pulled several minutes ago. I forked over my dollar and downloaded a copy to see what the app was all about. It turns out, that there wasn't a lot of there there, and wha...

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Apple has posted sample code demonstrating how to handle iPhone or iPod touch orientation events through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Whenever an iPhone rotates, it triggers orientation events that you can catch in Mobile Safari. Apple provides a sample iPhoneOrientation.js file that implements a typi...

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