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Thanks to Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, the competition for kid's eyeballs is fiercer than ever, but that's not slowing down Sesame Street. Now in its 46th year, the show is making a bigger and bigger push into social media, with often hilarious (but secretly educational) results. I sat down with t...

March 8th 2015 at 6:56pm 0 Comments
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It'd be wrong to say that the cast of Sesame Street just discovered the internet. As it is, the show's characters have dozens of games and mobile apps, with a large video archive that goes at least as far back as "Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco." It would seem, though, that someone over at the Ses...

February 18th 2015 at 2:00pm 0 Comments
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If you were looking for another streaming service to pitch a few bucks to each month -- and you have a few Sesame Street fans in the house -- Sesame Go might be your next subscription. For $3.99 per month or $29.99 for a year (you can cancel whenever), the US-only service will stream to PCs, Mac a...

April 9th 2014 at 7:49am 0 Comments
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If you had a smart pogo stick, wouldn't you want it to run apps? It just makes sense, in a strange sort of way. Thanks to Sesame Workshop and those lovable Muppets, here's your Tuesday No Comment. Click the image or Read More to see the video. [via Switched Tumblr, Laughing Squid & Minyanville]

November 2nd 2010 at 11:30am 0 Comments
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Not only are we still waiting for the TV Guide Channel that Japanese Wii users have been indulging in for the better part of two years, but now Variety is reporting that Nintendo has teamed up with a dozen corporate partners to tease us with a Japanese pay-per-view service for the console. Premieri...

November 23rd 2009 at 11:54am 0 Comments

Big Bird, Grover Elmo, Cookie Monster, Snuffy (my bad) and the Sesame Street gang have been cool since I left my crib for the big-boy bed. Here they give some love to their favorite music player. Not too shabby for a bunch of 40-year-old dudes (except Elmo, who is young enough to be hip to the iPod...

October 1st 2009 at 12:00pm 0 Comments