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Over on his blog, 4th Edition D&D developer Mike Mearls has been thinking over the design challenges posed by a solo monster fight. In 4th Edition, solo monsters are creatures designed to be a challenge on their own, without needing a group to back them up. As Mike has observed, the issue with s...

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July 12, 2008 at 8:00AM
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Dave Caolo found The Daily Grind last month, just this week it was updated to version 2. The new version of this task-tracking widget adds colored labels and the ability to drag and drop tasks for greater organizing goodness or "simply because it's an addictive pastime." The Daily Grind v2 is donati...

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If you have one of those jobs that requires to you track just how much time you spend on a given task (or if you're just a compulsive nut), check out The Daily Grind. It's a Dashboard widget that lets you start several individual timers, and give a custom name to each one. Plus, you can copy the res...

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