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Victorinox, the firm you can just about remember makes the Swiss Army knife when it comes up at pub trivia, is talking up its plans for a smartwatch. In a chat with Reuters, CEO Carl Elsener has revealed that the company will enter the wearable technology space at some point in 2016. This won't be...

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April 8, 2015 at 10:48AM
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We're still trying to come to terms with just how fantastic it would be to keep a Victorinox 1TB drive on a keyring. Think about that potential for data storage -- and horrendous heart-wrenching sadness if you lost it -- at the flip of a wrist. While the drive will eventually ship in both red and...

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Victorinox -- makers of the original Swiss Army knife -- made its first trek to CES with this, its new Presentation Pro. Tucked away with insane precision are a removable 32GB USB drive with fingerprint authentication, laser pointer, and Bluetooth remote control for your Windows-only PC or laptop ...

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