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There's no question that Apple's virtual assistant comes in handy when you need information quickly. And now, one of Siri's creators is working on a more advanced form of AI that goes far beyond the current iPhone option. Viv Labs says its personal assistant will possess a limitless tool set becau...

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August 12, 2014 at 12:57PM
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Want to get our attention in a hurry? Tip us on a digital magazine concept for the iPad that combines footage captured by a prototype RED Mysterium-X sensor from inside of a Frank Miller style, noir hellscape. Of course, just because it was created for the iPad doesn't mean that the concept isn't a...

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Although we here at Massively have our own podcast, and even though we've showcased other podcasts in the past, we missed one important offering in our MMOG podcast roundup last year. The CoH Podcast -- ably presided over by Chooch and Viv -- is a wonderful roundup of CoX news and events. A tasteful...

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