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If you want to talk widgets, Nokia's been rocking its Java-based, platform-agnostic WidSets project for years now, offering a wide variety of bite-sized apps, games, and feeds that work on a whole bunch of phones from all sorts of manufacturers. It's not going away, but Nokia has now announced that ...

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April 24, 2009 at 4:28PM
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Nokia's open widget platform just got a little better this week with the official release of WidSets 2.0, which had previously been in public beta. Notably, the new version seems to be quite a bit snappier, offers the ability to rearrange widgets right from the device instead of having to do it fr...

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Nokia's versatile widget platform, WidSets, has come out of beta (although they've had boatloads of users and a solid offering for months now, so calling it "beta" may have been a bit of stretch anyway) with a refreshed look. The headlining feature seems to be the pictured "Explore" feature, which...

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