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See that faint silhouette lurking on the horizon? That'd be a wave of white space internet, and it's inching ever closer to the US. On Wednesday, the FCC confirmed that it will begin testing a new database that will enable gadgets to operate on white space airwaves, nearly a year after first rati...

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September 16, 2011 at 7:36AM
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Um, ok look... we're not sure what the Aepel Phone is exactly. We know it's for girls because the t-shirt says so and we know it's a phone because it's right there in the product name. However, "phone" seems to be a whacky mistranslation of the "binary CDMA" tech used in the wireless mic. If we had...

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Remember that microphone that we peeked just before Lips hit and (subsequently fell off) the scene? Microsoft has just announced that a standalone version will soon be available sans a tether, giving owners of the aforesaid title, Guitar Hero Metallica, Rock Band 2, Disney Sing It: High School Mus...

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