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WoW Insider reports on a group of 10 Chinese men who have received prison sentences for their roles in a World of Warcraft account-stealing scheme. The group compromised 11,500 accounts, some of which were purchased for $1 a piece before being emptied and having their virtual contents resold "for a...

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December 24, 2013 at 3:00PM
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Every MMO suffers the horrors of gold spammers and EVE Online is no different. The RMT (Real Money Trading) industry is massive and EVE's developers CCP have waged a constant war against it in recent years. The PLEX initiative gave players a way to safely buy ISK for cash while at the same time hel...

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It's an unfortunate reality that most any massively multiplayer online game running has to cope with outside influences on an in-game economy because of real money trading (RMT). Game developers tackle the problem in different ways. For instance, Final Fantasy XI has an anti-RMT task force and Warh...

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