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The market for used iPhones is fraught with risk, because you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for a locked off device, or worse -- one that appears legit but can't make calls. However, Apple has just revealed an iCloud tool that lets you check a device's activation lock status. All you'll ne...

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October 2, 2014 at 3:02AM
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Few things are worse than realizing your smartphone's been stolen. Your personal information is now in the hands of a dishonest soul, who can decide to either erase and sell the device or -- even worse -- do whatever they want with your contacts, photos and texts. If it's happened to you, you're n...

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We've heard quite a bit about iOS 7 today at WWDC -- in fact, the company made it clear there's still more to talk about. But despite having tons of new features to share, Apple set aside some time to walk through a new security utility, called Activation Lock. In essence, it is what it sounds lik...

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