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Japan's uncannily realistic robots have been creeping us out for years, but one was deemed emotive enough to have a stint on stage -- yesterday evening, Hiroshi Ishiguro's Geminoid-F made its debut in a Japanese play. It's a fairly small step for robotkind, really, as the android was completely con...

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November 12, 2010 at 2:13AM
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Alright, you already have a robot dancer, some robot housecats, and you even acquired a Roomba to protect your child from poisonous snakes -- what's next for your futuristic replicant menagerie? Starting in January 2010, the Japanese department store Sogo & Seibu will accept pre-orders for Actr...

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You know, in the future, people will shout from their rooftops: "A robot! A robot! My kingdom for a robot!" Ok, maybe not, but with apologies to our favorite playwright, robots seem to be everywhere these days. We just came across this video of a very child-like Robonova that drops to its knees, wie...

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