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You can certainly buy a ready-made drink mixing robot if you're flush with cash, but wouldn't you rather spend that money on the drinks themselves? Yu Jiang Tham thinks so -- he recently designed Bar Mixvah, a robotic bartender you can build yourself with $180 in parts. The key ingredient is an Ar...

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May 27, 2014 at 11:23AM
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Glaswegian engineer Grant Gibson spied a Space Invaders alarm clock being flogged off cheap ($5) and decided it deserved hacking. When activated, the battery-powered unit scuttled left to right, old-school style as it roused sleepy gamers but Mr. Gibson added a little Arduino magic to turn it into...

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If you're a DIY'er, you're probably familiar with the versatile Arduino platform. Well now you can shrink your creations even smaller, thanks to a rejiggered form factor called the Arduino Nano. Capitalizing on the popularity of the previous Mini version, the Nano gets further downsized, reducing ...

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