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It hasn't been a year since it was first announced, and now clinical trials have begun for Sensium. Billed as a "digital plaster," the thin patch contains a power source and sensors for monitoring heart rate, temperature, and perspiration -- all of which can then be sent to your doctor via smartph...

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November 6, 2009 at 6:49AM
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Finally, a use for electrocution besides your own, twisted interests. A company in Arizona has created a bandaging system which uses electrically activated wound-dressings to heal injuries. Dubbed the CMB Antimicrobial Wound Dressing with PROSIT (or CMBAWDWP as we like to call it), the bandage wor...

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While we've seen a few snazzy band-aids in our day, not to mention talking first aid kits, a nanofiber bandage that can heal typical skin wounds faster is about to go mainstream. University of Akron professors Daniel Smith and Darrell Reneker are growing ever closer to bringing their invention to li...

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