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In the leveling homestretch, I tend to follow a pattern. My main goal is to boost my ilevel as soon as I hit 90 to get in on Raid Finder. Although, once I get there, I end up feeling bitter because waiting in a Raid Finder queue isn't fun. Even if you're not into Raid Finder, WoW presents players w...

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May 20, 2013 at 6:00PM
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OK, own up. How many times have you done it? You know what I'm on about. You get your friends together into a group, you're planning to do a few battlegrounds, you check everyone's ready, hit the queue button and wait. The queue pops, you take it, and there you are in a battleground all by your...

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The official World of Warcraft website updated recently with an addition to their Under Development section. Call it a preview, reminder, whatever you want. They've added a listing of all of the new UI features coming in Patch 3.1, and I'm willing to say that there's more UI additions in this patch...

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