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After almost two years of not-so-closed-beta, Dota 2 has begun the complex process of upgrading its server capacity and slowly transitioning into launch. Heroes of Newerth's developers have been toying with a hilarious new game mode recently in which heroes spawn with a completely random set of a...

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June 24, 2013 at 8:00PM
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click to embiggen The above image could mean a lot of things: that life is fleeting, that every day brings a new challenge, or that maybe you should cancel those plans to visit the Palace of Westminster next year. But according to the official Command & Conquer 4 website, it only means one thi...

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That epic mount? That sweet sword? All that gold you have stashed away? All the time spent leveling your character? The mount, the sword, the gold, and your character -- none of them are yours. All can be swept away at the whim of the game company, because virtual property, such as in game items, ...

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